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Take Your Business Communication To The Next Level

Gamification in business helps you to draw attention to your products & services. Attract more customers. Engage your target group and help them to understand and connect to your products or services instantaneously. Adress abstract, complex and even sensitive topics in an engaging way. Business cartoons are powerful gamification tools that will transform your business and make it even more successful.

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What We Offer:


1. Custom Made

Use business cartoons to gamify posters, brochures, explainer videos, trainings and business events.

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2. Learn How To Draw

Learn how to be creative and gamify your website, blog, presentations or social media posts.


3. Online Shop

Buy ready-made cartoons and clipart from our online shop and easily gamify your presentations, social media posts etc.

Barbara Roth M.A. Is Considered The Leading Business Cartoonist

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“I help companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to transform their business communication by taking it to the next level using business cartoons and gamification in business.”

Companies Using Gamification In Business

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