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About Barbara Roth

Barbara Roth is widely considered the leading business illustrator and cartoonist.

She supports companies and entrepreneurs in releasing their own creative potential, helping them to trigger Change and Transformation and becoming even more successful.

“I started drawing cartoons when I was 15 – without knowing that one day this would become my profession. Starting out from the Free University in Berlin, my life’s path led me to Great Britain, where I went to the University of Essex (yes, I know all the jokes about Essex girls!) on a European Erasmus scholarship.

After finishing my Master’s degree English and German literature and linguistics & Theatre Studies, I spent several years in show business, working as a director’s assistant at theatres, opera houses and musical theatres. More by coincidence than by design, I happened to switch jobs and ended up in advertising.

In 2000 I went to Japan on the JET programme, living and working in the country of my dreams as an International Co-ordinator for Intercultural Exchange.

Returning to Europe, I moved to Vienna, the city where I was originally born.

Today, Vienna is my homebase. From here I work for companies worldwide, developing business illustrations and cartoons as well as doing live and remote scribing. Additionally I offer online courses, teaching business sketching in German, English and (still far from perfect) Japanese, both online and live.”