Business Illustrator & Cartoonist Barbara Roth MA, MBA

Business Illustrator and Cartoonist Barbara Roth is sparring partner for companies and individuals who want to strengthen their creativity and innovation. As a creative & advertising agency based in Vienna, cartoonsbyroth specializes in gamification with cartoon characters & cartoons. Barbara Roth is supported by an international, virtual team of top creatives who contribute to cartoonsbyroth’s success with their expertise.

“Cartoonsbyroth supports organizations and individuals to unleash their own creativity and innovation, to use it for professional and personal development & transformation – and thus to be even more successful.”

Vision, mission and values of Business Illustrator & Cartoonist Barbara Roth

As a strategic sparring partner & advertising agency, we support our clients to communicate even more successfully with gamification – and to manage the transformation to learning organizations faster and easier.

In our work we are guided by the values of cartoonsbyroth and business cartoonist Barbara Roth M.A.:

Freedom – Learning – Joy – Love – Recognition

Expertise and skills of Business Illustrator & Cartoonist Barbara Roth

Analytical skills

Due to her biography – Barbara Roth grew up in a theater family that moved on average every two years – Barbara Roth learned very early to deal with change and to find her way in foreign systems. A characteristic that led to the fact that today, as a business cartoonist, she is able to analyze organizations and their challenges and develop solution strategies within a very short time.

Creative techniques and agency know-how

Worked for many years in the creative departments of advertising agencies in Berlin and Vienna (including Publicis Group Austria). Collaboration (strategic and content conception) in international and national advertising campaigns and for world-famous companies and brands such as Coca Cola Company, HP, Maggi, AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria), MA 48 and many more.

Intercultural knowledge and experience & language skills

Business cartoonist Barbara Roth was born in Vienna and grew up in Germany (from Schleswig-Holstein to Baden-Württemberg). Studied in Berlin (Free University) and at the University of Essex in Great Britain (EU Erasmus scholarship). Worked as an assistant director at various German theaters and in Oslo. Worked as Co-ordinator For International Relations within the JET-Program of the Japanese Government in Kanoya, Kagoshima-ken, Japan. Internships, work experience and professional activities in Switzerland, France, Norway and the USA.

German, English, Japanese, French, Norwegian, Italian (and rudimentary Latin and Polish)

Business expertise

In May 2022, Barbara Roth completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at California Lutheran University.

This is how Barbara Roth supports organizations and individuals:

Cartoon Service Gamification Thumbnail

1. Cartoon Service

Have illustrations, cartoons & comic characters created for communications & marketing: Posters, Folders, Explainer Videos, Visual Facilitation with Gamification

2. learn to draw sketchnotes, comic characters & cartoons

With our live and online drawing courses and workshops – also in-house for companies.

3. Online Shop

Cartoons and comic characters – also as clipart for do-it-yourself – for presentations, web, social media and much more. Just download, ready!

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