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Animated explainer videos & animated gifs

Do you need an animated explainer video but you don’t want what everybody else has? Are you looking for something special? Then you’ve found the right place. All our explainer videos are unique and custom made just for you, with 2D cartoon style custom animations and storytelling expertise.

Find out how an explainer video can be the best option for you in a free consultation call.

Why have a unique explainer video created?

Animated explainer videos are ideal if you want to make procedures or processes easy to understand: they let you convey learning content in an entertaining way and make your message stick long term. They can also bring the benefits & added value of your services or products to the point in a humorous way.

We provide you with animated explainer videos in cartoon style with comic figures and visual storytelling, individually created for you.

The creative process of an explainer video with comic characters:

Step 1: You describe your project to us and receive helpful feedback and free tips.

Step 2: We submit an offer to you. With the assignment, you will receive an invoice for 50% of the total amount.

Step 3: Your explainer video will be created in 3 steps by the professional CartoonsByRoth creative team:

1) Development of your cartoon characters and the creation of a manuscript and storyboard.

2) Creation of an animatic and a short scene from the video in the original style.

3) Elaboration and post-production (character and animation design, sound effects; in case of live sequences also photo shoots).

Our animated videos offers

Unlike conventional cheap videos, we don’t use any prefabricated templates or vector graphics. As a creative agency, we exclusively create custom-made explainer videos for you, which are produced by our virtual creative team in Austria, Germany and (in the case of English-language videos) the UK or USA.

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Comic characters animations & animated gifs

  • 1 character
  • Animation design
  • Rights of use
  • Project management

from € 675,– (netto)

Erklärvideo mit Zeichentrickfigur erstellen lassen

Video with Character(s)

  • 60 seconds max
  • Storyboard
  • Animation design
  • Post-production (sound, SFX, music etc.)
  • Rights of use
  • Project management

from € 4.750,– (netto)

Erklärvideo Explainer ÖBB mit Comic Figuren

Explainer Video (90 Sec. max)

  • Up to 90 seconds
  • Development of individual comic characters
  • Manuscript
  • Storyboard
  • Animatic
  • Animation design
  • Post-production (sound, SFX, music etc.)
  • Rights of use
  • Project management

From € 14.750,– (netto)

Get advice on how to have your explainer video made

In a non-binding consultation appointment, we can give you initial tips and ideas – free of charge and with no strings attached.

Barbara Roth M.A. – leading international business cartoonist

Cartoonist Barbara Roth cartoonsbyroth

Barbara Roth is a business cartoonist and owner of CartoonsByRoth based in Vienna.

As a business cartoon and visual storytelling agency, we create unique explainer videos with cartoon style characters.

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