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We create book illustrations…

…that make your book unique and distinctive. Hire Business Cartoonist Barbara Roth as an illustrator and get professional business cartoons as book illustrations. Ideal for various types of publications, such as specialist books, non-fiction and educational material. All drawn by Barbara Roth M.A., the world’s leading business cartoonist, in her own original style.

If you are looking for professional, high-quality and distinctive book illustrations, CartoonsByRoth is the agency for you.

Our book illustrations are perfect for non-fiction, specialist books and educational material for adults, as well as young people from the age of approx. 15. They can be used to bring complex topics visually to the point, making information stick in the minds of your target group in a playful, simple and lasting way. Use the power of humour to convey even “dry” content in a captivating and impressive way.

All our cartoons and comic characters are hand-drawn, unique pieces illustrated by Barbara Roth.

How we work:

Step 1:

You describe your book project to us and receive helpful feedback and free tips.

Step 2:

We will submit an offer to you. With the commissioning you will receive an invoice for 50% of the total amount.

Step 3:

Your book illustrations/your entire book will be created.  As a result, you will receive the ready-to-print data.

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Included services

Creating book illustrations and designing books requires time, talent and expertise. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality book illustrations.

Our prices include the following services:
  • A storyboard of all the inside pages of your book, illustrating the number and distribution of cartoons in the text.

  • Individual sketches of all illustrations (incl. up to two rounds of corrections).

  • Creation of the final cartoons (black and white or, if necessary, selectively in colour)

  • Delivery of the image data (print and/or ebook)

  • Professional project management

From our portfolio

Our prices

What do our book illustrations cost?

Here we have compiled the production costs for individual illustrations (including project management and the above-mentioned services).

  • Icon (small decorative element) 49€

  • 1/2 page illustration 195€

  • 1/1 page illustration 395€

  • Cover illustration 395€

  • Cover design 495€

  • Complete design book interior (typo, typesetting) 975€

All prices net plus 20% VAT.

What we offer:

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  • 7 illustrations 1/1 page

  • one of which as cover design

from € 2.950,- (net)

Buchillustrationen Paket M Thumbnail


  • 10 illustrations 1/1 page

  • 10 Icons (for the chapter title)

  • 1 cover illustration

from € 3.950,- (net)

Buchillustrationen Paket L Thumbnail


  • 10 illustrations 1/1 page

  • 10 Icons (for the chapter title)

  • 1 cover illustration

  • Separate cover design

  • Design book interior

  • Creation of final print pdf/ebook document

from € 5.950,- (net)

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Barbara Roth M.A. is considered the leading business cartoonist & illustrator

Barbara helps companies to activate their creative potential as the basis for innovative thinking – with gamification and business cartoons.

Use marketing cartoons to bring you business topics visually to the point and make your internal communication and marketing more effective and fun.

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We will be happy to advise you on your book project – schedule a free of charge consultation call with your book illustrator Barbara Roth – no strings attached.

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