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Folder mit Business Cartoons Österreichische Post

Illustrated Infographic Booklet | Cartoon Illustrations

In this example the Austrian Post Services explained the new I.T. system to their employees, enabling them to work from home.

B2B Angebot Business Cartoons Folder Poster

Illustrated Infographic Booklet | Gamification Style

In this example, Heller Consult, a leading Tax Consultant Office in Vienna, showed how to minimize fleet expenses. The look & feels resembles traditional board games and makes it very simple for the reader to quickly grasp the critical factors in an entertaining way.

Poster Business Cartoons 600

Illustrated Infographic Poster | Cartoon Style

The most important digital competences pupils in Austria need to know – explained in 16 Business Cartoons.

Illustrated Infographic Poster | Comic Style

A well-known coffee houses in Vienna, located in the famous Schönbrunn castle explaining the use of their bathrooms to an international clientele.

Folder Poster mit Visual Storytelling Case Study ÖBB

Illustrated Infographic Poster | Visual Storytelling

In this example, Austrian Railways explains their internal innovation programme to their employees. The five different colour-coded figures represent specific roles that are involved in the development of an innovative idea. The idea is represented by the orange seed that develops into a fully grown tree. Fun fact: Austrian Railways shows the best caste szenario as well as the worst case szenario (the latter leads to the idea being buried – the headline says: “Here lie 3000 ideas that were killed”)