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Barbara Roth is an experienced cartoonist, and now offers to share some of her knowledge on creative thinking as the basis of innovation, further development and transformation – with live cartoon drawing!

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Creativity, innovative ability, personal & professional development and transformation can be incredibly broad topics; if you want to learn more about them, Barbara Roth is the best person to give you inspiration and ideas.

If you are looking for a woman who has built up her own creative business as an entrepreneur and speaks from her own experience, then Barbara Roth is the right person for your event.

Barbara Roth M.A. is a business cartoonist and founder of the company CartoonsByRoth, standing at the intersection of business and art. In the context of her professional activities and her social commitment, Barbara Roth has been dealing for several years with questions such as: how do you get into flow? What is creative thinking, and how does it succeed in everyday life? How can we nourish creativity in teams, cooperations, organisations – in short: in our professional environment? How can we make organisations and societies innovative and sustainable?

After having found her answers to these problems, Barbara Roth has the competence to enable you to find your own.


Get to know Barbara Roth as a keynote speaker in an introductory zoom call

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Barbara Roth M.A. is considered the leading business cartoonist

Cartoonist Barbara Roth cartoonsbyroth

Barbara Roth is a business cartoonist, trainer and speaker. She offers inspirational as well as key note speeches.

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