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Have professional marketing cartoons created

Have professional marketing cartoons created by Business Cartoonist Barbara Roth: they can be cartoons, comics and comic characters as well as animations and explainer videos for corporate communication, marketing or merchandise (cups, t shirts etc.). Barbara Roth is an experienced Business Cartoonist who knows how to use the power of humour to convey even “dry” content in a captivating and impressive way.

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You want to hire a cartoonist and have professional marketing cartoons drawn?

The unique thing about our business cartoons is the way they can be used to bring business topics visually to the point.

All our cartoons are unique pieces created by Business Illustrator Barbara Roth.

If you want marketing cartoons drawn, then CartoonsByRoth is the agency for you.

Anchor complex, abstract and unwieldy topics in the minds of your target group in a playful, simple and lasting way.

Marketing cartoons – how it works:

1. Brief:

You describe your project to us and receive helpful feedback and free tips.

2. Contract:

We submit an offer to you. Upon commissioning, you will receive an invoice for 50% of the total amount.

3. Creation:

Your cartoons will be exclusively hand-drawn (on paper or iPad) by Barbara Roth.

As a result you will receive printable image data (pngs or jpegs) in the desired size.

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Included services

Creating cartoons requires time, talent and expertise. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality and professional book illustrations.

Our prices include the following services:
  • Idea generation/conception: rough sketches of all cartoons (incl. up to two feedback rounds)
  • Creation of the final cartoons (b/w; incl. up to two rounds of feedback)
  • Delivery of the image data (as pngs or jpegs in the size you require)
  • Professional project management
  • Colour accents
  • Express Service
  • Exclusive rights of use (licenses)

A glimpse at our portfolio…

If you want professional, high quality  marketing cartoons drawn, CartoonsByRoth is the agency for you.

Marketing Cartoon – Our Packages:

Single cartoon (solitaire)

  • on a theme of your choice
  • Delivery within 14 days

€ 295,– (net)


  • express service (within 2 working days) + € 500 (net)
  • Buy exclusive rights  + € 1,000 (net)

Cartoon Series 7 pcs.

  • on a theme of your choice
  • Delivery within 21 days

€ 1.960,– (280/pc., net)


  • express service (within 5 working days) + € 1.500 (net)
  • Buy exclusive rights  + € 5.000 (net)

Cartoon Series 15 pcs.

  • on a theme of your choice
  • Delivery within 28 days

€ 3.950,– (270/pc., net)


  • express service (within 10 working days) + € 2.500 (net)
  • Buy exclusive rights  + € 8.000 (net)

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Barbara Roth M.A. is considered the leading business cartoonist & illustrator

Barbara helps companies to activate their creative potential as the basis for innovative thinking – with gamification and business cartoons.

Use marketing cartoons to bring you business topics visually to the point and make your internal communication and marketing more effective and fun.

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What our customers say about our marketing cartoons

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Get Inspired

by our cartoon of the week, coming to your mailbox for free every Monday morning.