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Unleash Your Creativity & Drawing Skills
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With our sketchnote courses and products

Would you like to unleash your own creativity? Develop your talent for drawing step by step? And discover your creative lifestyle? Then simply take advantage of our sketchnote courses and free products:

Clipart Männchen Starter Set Einzelteile

Would you like to make your PowerPoint presentations more creative – without having to draw?

Then you should finally stop using conventional stock photos or 08/15 clipart. Use creative clipart figures instead. Entertaining and easy to put together – our Clipart Figures Starter Set.


Would you like to learn how to draw your first figure?

Because you know the potential of figures. But you just haven’t had the confidence to draw figures yet. Then take the first step now. And learn how to draw your first simple figure in just 5 minutes with our drawing instructions.

Comicfiguren Sketchnotes lernen gratis Poster mit Zeichenanleitung Beitragsbild
hand drawing comic character

Would you like to start drawing sketchote figures in comic style now?

But you haven’t dared to do it yet. Because you always thought you needed complicated drawing techniques. Then find out how you too can learn to draw comic-style sketch notes with our beginners’ online course.


Would you like to draw sketchnotes and comic figures like a pro?

By unleashing the creativity that lies dormant within you. And learning to develop your individual talent in a targeted way. It’s easy with the unique learning format of the online masterclass by and with cartoonist Barbara Roth. And personal feedback as the secret of success for real learning progress.

Online Workshop mit Cartoonistin Barbara Roth
Comicfiguren mit Emotionen zeichnen lernen

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With Barbara Roth’s professional expertise and 1:1 feedback, you too will be guided quickly and easily to success!

Zeichenkurs Wien Gruppenbild Sketchnotes zeichnen lernen Figuren Starter

The secret to the success of our sketchnotes courses…

…is the unique learning design developed by cartoonist Barbara Roth. Where you may get stuck on conventional courses, you will make rapid and lasting progress on our courses.

Personal feedback from cartoonist Barbara Roth

…ensures in our live and online courses that you will finally make real progress in learning to draw. In a very short time you will…

  • find creative ideas more quickly and easily.
  • master the most important professional drawing techniques and tricks.
  • get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

Sketchnotes courses & offers from the cartoon professional

Barbara Roth is a business cartoonist and works for companies worldwide. She therefore knows from her own experience the challenges you face when drawing sketchnotes and cartoon characters in your day-to-day work.

With my sketchnotes courses & offers, you will get into action and achieve your drawing goals – quickly, easily and sustainably!

The course content in our live and online drawing courses is…

  • …100% practice-relevant & solution-orientated.
  • …quick & easy to implement.
  • …individually tailored to you.
Online Workshop mit Cartoonistin Barbara Roth

Let us advise you on which sketchnotes course is right for you!

Tell us more about your drawing goals. And get some initial tips from us as well as an assessment of which course can best help you learn sketchnotes. Free and without obligation! You can book your free 30-minute sketchnote course here.

What our participants say about our sketchnotes courses and offers

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