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Create Your Own Clipart Person

Use Our Free Presentation Clipart Starter Set

You’ve always wanted to make your presentations more engaging? You are looking for a way to fascinate your audience? You want to make your presentations more entertaining & fun? It’s so easy with our presentation clipart sets. They allow you to create your own clipart persons for your business presentations. Instant success guaranteed!

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What Our Clipart Person Starter Set Looks Like:

The clipart person starter set comes to you as a PowerPoint presentation. It consists of 5 slides with design examples, step-by-step instructions and the individual parts of the figures, which you can assemble directly in PowerPoint (slide no. 3). You can use the proportions of the background figure (in grey) as a guide. When your figure is ready, you can either “park” it on the empty slide no. 4 for the time being – or copy it directly into your own presentation.

More Presentation Clipart Sets

Make your presentations even more individual. Simply buy the desired sets and download them as individual PowerPoint slides. You can then insert them into your Starter Set presentation and immediately start personalising your clipart figures for PowerPoint.

Lady’s Hairstyles Set

8 hairstyles to give your female clipart persons an individual styling.

Frisuren Clipart 8 Frisuren

Tie set

10 ties for the fashion-conscious clipart male. Including DIY tie template.

Emotions Set

Create clipart persons using the full range of emotions.

Presentation Clipart Sets Currently in the Making:

Office Set

The most important objects with which you can convey an office atmosphere in no time at all.

Gestures Set

Bring extra life to your characters – with the most important gestures for business.

Glasses Sets

Attractive glasses designs for male and female clipart persons – classic and trendy designs.

Communication Set

Consisting of speech and thought bubbles as well as some helpful symbols.

Accessory set

Indispensable extras for a fashionably convincing business appearance.


Submit your ideas for more sets. If we select your idea, you will receive a free set as a thank you.

Do you have special wishes or ideas for further clipart sets?

Then submit your ideas for more sets. If we select your idea, you will receive a free set as a thank you:

Barbara Roth MA, the leading international Business Cartoonist

Barbara helps companies to make their intenal communication and marketing more effective and fun – with gamification and cartoons.

Activate the creative potential of your organisation as the basis for innovation and success in tomorrow’s world.

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