Bird of Freedom

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Bird of Freedom Cartoon

The Bird of Freedom cartoon was inspired by Austrian songwriter Georg Danzer’s song “Freedom is a wondrous animal”. The cartoon is centred on liberation from digital control, which in my perception has felt like a prison ever faster and ever more strongly since 2018.

In the meantime, I have come to the conclusion that we should take all words that begin with the prefix “smart” with a grain of salt and question them critically.

I ask myself more and more often: Is it true that these devices can listen to everything we do, day and night and wherever we are (e.g. smartphone), can read out data and thus know exactly when and for which purpose we use energy and at what time we are at home or not) (e.g. smartmeter) and can monitor and control us to the greatest possible extent (e.g. smarthome, smartcities)?

Are the rumours true that a social credit system à la China is already in the planning in Europe?

Since I am a thoroughly freedom-loving and responsible person, I regard the bird of freedom as a symbol for our liberation from digital surveillance and control and the discovery of our personal and human sovereignty.

The Bird of Freedom  cartoon can be used in business presentations, blog articles, newsletters, the social media or as book illustrations. Please see the license agreement below.

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Licence Agreement Bird of Freedom cartoon

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Usage Restrictions

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Usage Rights Bird of Freedom cartoon

I. Private use

For non-commercial purposes, such as print outs, postcards, t thirst, cups etc.. Please note that the objects you design using our cartoon may neither be sold nor used for merchandise or any kind of other business purposes.

II. For companies, organisations, entrepreneurs (commercial use)

1. location: worldwide
2. time: unlimited
3. purpose of use: In presentations, lectures, printed handouts; on company websites, intranet, in the social media; in leaflets, brochures, mailings; on flyers. Physical reproduction up to A4 size. Up to a total print run of 50,000 copies.

III. For publishers (newspapers, magazines, books, e-books) and self-published authors (commercial use)

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For use on cover/title pages, in larger size or in larger print runs, please contact the author/creator.

This agreement is governed by Austrian law. By downloading the Bird of Freedom cartoon, the licensee agrees to Vienna as the location of jurisdiction for any dispute.

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